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The Civetta 360° imaging technology was designed for fast and reliable documentation.

One-click operation:
     Same results independent of the operator with maximum reliability of the results within a setup and capturing times
       within seconds.

Depth of field:
     No need to focus, everything from 0,3 m to infinity is sharp

High dynamic range:
     No need to care for exposure values. We utilize HDR technology with a dynamic range of 26 f-stops.

Integrated LED:
     When there is no light available the integrated high power LED light is suitable for areas with a diameter of up to 40 m.

Full spherical:
•  The Civetta captures everything in every direction, so you don´t miss a topic.

Measurement calibrated:
     The technology allows taking measurements whenever you need them. The images are measurement calibrated
       and allow direct measurement.

Remote control:
     Control the camera from a distance of up to 200 m in open field

Integrated GPS and digital compass:
     The GPS data and direction are stored in the image exif data for later referencing in global coordinates


     Resolution: 100 MPixel - (full spherical 360° x 180°)
     Capturing time: 30 Seconds for a 360° Image
     Output format HDR: 32 Bit .exr and 32 Bit tiled.exr
     Output LDR: 8Bit .jpg (automated tonemapping)
     Image file size: about 200 MB (.exr); about 15 MB (.jpg) depends on scene
     Integrated light: High power built-in LED lights triggered with the shutter
     Range depth of sharpness: 0.3 m < ∞
     Remote operating distance: Up to 200m (area dependent)
     GPS and digital compass: automated GPS referencing with viewing direction
     Size: 32 x 25 x 15cm (height x width x depth)
     Civetta weight: 4.5 kg
     Range of Temp: -10°C - + 50°C
     Protection class Humidity: Protected against rain and snow
     Protection class Dust: Dustproof
     Power supply: NiMH batteries (minimum self-discharge and memory effect)
     Data transfer: USB 2.0, USB 3.0
     Housing: Heavy duty full aluminum body for rugged use
     Operation: remote operation via Bluetooth PDA or notebook
     Internal storage capacity: about 200 images can be stored on the Civetta internally
     Internal power: Latest generation NiMH batteries.
     Operation time: Suitable for a minimum of 8 hours of operation at standard temperatures fully charged


VAM -Visual Asset Management is a browser based and database-driven application that allows you to visually
link all digital assets, organize, investigate and present them. The goal is to create virtual tours and documentations.
This can be very time consuming and in most cases a deeper knowledge of data processing is required. VAM is an
application that makes it possible to implement even very large projects with no deeper knowledge within the
shortest time.

The tours can immediately be viewed, shared or published (via internet, intranet or locally) and offer functionalities
such as distance measurements or 360° views. Designed as a web application, it is possible to work on a project
with several persons at the same time and exchange information among themselves.


Automated 3D reconstruction from full spherical images.

The 3D-sphere module allows to create 3D reconstructions from full spherical images with full color support. Other
than with 3d laser scanner the referencing between the single scans is performed automatically.

The 3D models allow to easily create accurate floor plans, investigate the scene from all different viewing angles
like also bird-view sights. Also 3D models area a perfect source to create 3D animations by including avatars or e.a.
car crash animations. (3 rd party software required).

When you captured your scene of crime accident or critical infrastructure the full spherical images are the source for
the 3D reconstruction. Simply drop the full spherical images on the application and the images are sorted automatically
as shown in the left hand image. Then choose the required output format like for example point cloud as shown in
the right hand image. This reconstruction of an upper deck of an oil rig with a total length of 350 meter is based on
70 images only. For a scene of crime or traffic accident 8 to 10 positions are enough.